Make Quick and Powerful Cuts Like Adrian Peterson

The most extraordinary physique in the NFL was not built with ordinary exercises alone.

Although Adrian Peterson loves old standbys like the Bench Press, Squat and Pull-Up, his workouts also include complex movements that ramp up the level of difficulty.

Peterson says, "Through the years, I've found ways to make my workout more and more challenging."

The All-Pro running back begins each training session with rapid-fire footwork drills that warm up his muscles and fire up his central nervous system. Then it's on to the heart of his movement training, which includes plyometric exercises, reactionary work and his key cutting drill, the Five-Bag Zig-Zag Sprint.

AP uses this drill to perfect his ability to change direction quickly and make defenders miss in the open field. He says, "Being explosive, being off-balance, being able to push through, this drill will help you with that."

To perform the drill:

  • Line up five bags in a row separated by a few yards.
  • Keeping your hips low, sprint forward to the first bag and shuffle sideways across it.
  • Move through the entire ladder, using your outside foot to cut around each bag.

Reps: 3


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