Edge Out the Competition: Agility Ladder Footwork Drills

Gain an edge on your competition in just 15 minutes.

How you approach your training says a lot about who you are as an athlete. The most dedicated make the effort and find the time before every practice to work on weaker aspects of their game. Try these agility ladder exercises to develop foot and ankle strength, coordination and confidence in your footwork.

Set Up: one agility ladder

Set/Reps: Five reps of each drill without touching the ladder is a good starting point. Add a fitness component by sprinting five to 10 yards after completing the footwork pattern through the ladder.


  • Keep it basic and focus on execution
  • Ask yourself: where do you want to be at the end of this season?

Ladder Footwork Drills

Forward Two In, Two Out

Forward One-Foot Hop

One-Leg Hops

Lateral Two-Foot Hop

Lateral Two-Foot Hop

Lateral Two In, Two Out

Lateral Two-In Drill


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