3 Exercises to Alleviate Knee Pain

Hip Flexor Stretch
Knee pain is quite common among athletes, caused by a wide variety of factors, including stress from competition and  genetics. To counter knee pain, regularly perform corrective exercises during your workout. (Learn how to prevent knee pain in the first place.)

Corrective exercises are designed to address muscular weakness, imbalances, mobility and stability issues. Repeatedly performing these exercises will help reduce knee pain and reduce your risk of further injury.

Strength and Stability

Increases knee and ankle stability, and activates the core to improve overall balance and body control.

Leg and Hip Strength

Focuses on the large muscles of the lower body to protect the knee from stress when landing from a jump or decelerating.


Stretches the hip flexors, internal rotators and external rotators to improve range of motion and overall lower-body mobility.

Check out these exercises, created specifically for basketball players dealing with knee pain. Consult with your physician if you experience knee pain for three or more months.

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