"Avatar Motocross Madness" Coming to Xbox Live Arcade

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Microsoft recently released two screenshots teasing a "secret game" to be revealed at this year's E3. From recent Microsoft activity and the image filenames, gamers have deduced that the screenshots are from Avatar Motocross Madness, a new entry in the classic Motocross Madness series, which hasn't spawned a new title since 2000.

One image shows dirt splattering on the screen from an exotic desert motocross. The other shows a spectacular backflip on a motocross bike against the brilliant blue sky and a majestic pyramid.

Why are gamers so sure they're getting a new Motocross Madness? Apparently, Microsoft filed a trademark for "Avatar Motocross Madness" in early April. The filenames for the released images are named "AMX_Mystery_1" and "AMX_Mystery_2."

We'll have to wait until Microsoft's E3 announcement on Monday to find out what Avatar adds to the classic motocross action, but many gamers believe the new name refers to Kinect compatibility. If our early glimpses are any indication, we should be getting a whole lot more hold-your-stomach crashes, tricks and dream locations. Avatar Motocross Madness will be available to download exclusively through the Xbox Live Arcade.

Avatar Motocross Madness Backflip

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock