Baltimore Ravens Kicker Justin Tucker Says He Could Make an 84-Yard Field Goal

Justin Tucker thinks he can kick a football nearly the length of the field.

The longest field goal Baltimore Ravens kicker Justin Tucker has made in a game was a 61-yarder to defeat the Detroit Lions in 2013. Earlier in training camp this season, Tucker nailed a 69-yarder. Those are both incredible distances. The NFL record is 64 yards, held by Denver Broncos kicker Matt Prater, but Tucker scoffs at records. He thinks he can kick the ball much, much farther.

In an interview on NFL Network, Tucker boasted that he could boot an 84-yarder, almost an entire football field, albeit under a set of perfect conditions.

"We think about these things really specifically," Tucker said. "If conditions are prime, like last season we opened up in Denver, the weather was warm, the field was nice, and you're up at altitude so the ball just carries. In pregame I think I hit the crossbar from 85, so if the situation is just prime, then maybe 84 and a half yards."

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So, in Denver, with warm weather, on a sunny day with a perfect field, Tucker thinks he could kick the pigskin almost 85 yards. That's still pretty insane. Anything close to it would set a record that might stand for an eternity of NFL history. Tucker is in superb shape, and he's a big proponent of Orange Theory Fitness, a workout class that combines weightlifting with various forms of cardio, so you know the dude has major capability.

Here's hoping the Ravens let Tucker try a field goal from at least 70 yards at some point this season.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock