Baseball Players: Throw and Hit Harder With Med Ball Exercises

Med Ball Exercise

Old-school baseball workouts called for running poles and long distances to improve fitness and conditioning. However, this type of aerobic training does nothing for a ballplayer looking to improve his hitting and throwing power. To improve these vital skills, you need to develop your rotational power with med ball exercises.

The mechanics of pitching and hitting make baseball a rotational sport. Incorporating a variety of med ball exercises as conditioning drills can help any baseball player develop better rotational power by increasing core strength and coordination. In other words, med ball exercises will help you transfer the strength and power you have in your legs through your torso and into your upper body to enable you to throw harder or swing faster. (See also Top 5 Explosive Med Ball Exercises for Baseball Players.)

Here are five medicine ball exercises that will help you develop rotational power and quickness that translate directly to the baseball diamond. Try them out during your next training session.

Med Ball Rotational Throw

Split-Stance Med Ball Rotational Throw

Med Ball Slam

Med Ball Rotational Slam

The game of baseball demands quick bursts of speed followed by long periods of rest. So, be sure to include appropriate rest periods between sets. You should perform one to three med ball exercises per training session for three to four sets of five to 10 reps per exercise. Rest for 60 seconds or until full recovery between sets. Good luck!


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