2 Basketball Shooting Drills for Point Guards

Basketball shooting drills

Basketball point guards are the ultimate multi-taskers. They run the offense, keep the opposing team's defense guessing, and dictate when and by whom shots are taken (including their own).

That's a lot to ask. If you're a point guard aspiring to greatness, here are two shooting drills to hone the skills you need to keep things moving and stay a step or two ahead of your opponents.

The Westbrook Dagger

Performed at game speed, this drill requires you to stop on a dime to take a pull-up jump shot.

  • Place cones at the elbows of the free-throw line.
  • Start at the opposite free-throw line.
  • Dribble full speed—three dribbles to the elbow—and pull up for a jump shot.
  • Repeat until you've made 20 shots from each elbow.

Switch between dribbling right into the pull-up and performing a one-dribble pull-up. (Trust me, they are different and have different uses.)

The Chris Paul Tear Drop

Read the defense and react quickly to get into the lane for a quick tear drop floater. This is meant to be a quick, explosive move, not slow and methodical.

  • Begin at halfcourt with the ball.
  • Attack the wing, cross over to the middle-right and shoot the tear drop.
  • Do 10 attempts.
  • Work on different angles for the floater and alternate the different moves.


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