Complete Basketball Skill Workout

Basketball Drill

Most basketball players get in the gym and don't how to improve their court game. They might do a little ball handling and shoot some half-speed shots with a teammate, but for the most part they lack direction. It's not that they don't want to get better. They just don't know what to do to get better. (Watch Dwyane Wade practice his skills.)

Use the following off-season basketball skill workout to improve your footwork, ball handling and shooting. Perform the workout two to three times per week with two to four players of similar position and one coach.

Coaching Points

  • Be as light and quick as possible with your feet
  • Shoot the basketball the same way every time and with confidence
  • Keep your eyes up when dribbling the basketball
  • Push yourself and don't be afraid to mess up

The Workout

  1. Dynamic Stretch Warm-Up x 5 min (Try this dynamic warm-up.)
  2. Basic Jump Rope Drill x 30-60 sec
  3. Boxer Jump Rope Drill x 30-60 sec
  4. High Knees Run Jump Rope Drill x 30-60 sec
  5. Staggered Stance Jump Rope Drill (Alternating) x 30-60 sec
  6. Max Vertical Jump Rope Drill x 30-60 sec
  7. Toss Crossover Tennis Ball Drill x Full Court
  8. Toss Between-the-Legs Tennis Ball Drill x Full Court
  9. Toss Behind-the-Back Tennis Ball Drill x Full Court
  10. Toss Reverse Between-the-Legs Tennis Ball Drill x Full Court
  11. Toss Rhythm Dribble Tennis Ball Drill x Full Court
  12. Box Drill Face-Up Shot x 8 reps
  13. Box Drill Jab Step Shot x 8 reps
  14. Star Drill Mid-Range Shots x 2 sets
  15. Star Drill 3-Pointers x 2 sets
  16. Star Drill Shot Fake 1 Dribble Pull Up x 2 sets
  17. Static Stretch (Try these stretches.)

Once you begin to master a specific drill, move on to a different and more challenging one. When you do the shooting drills, focus on proper footwork and try shoot the same way every time. This will allow you develop muscle memory and become a consistent shooter.


Kyle Ohman Kyle Ohman - Kyle Ohman was a 1,000-point scorer at Liberty University (Lynchburg, Va.). In his senior year, he was ranked as the 19th best shooter in the country by Fox Sports. He has also played professionally in Spain. Most recently, Ohman coached a high school team that played on a national level and beat th
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