Be a Better QB With Robert Griffin III's Pocket Presence Drill

Robert Griffin III is at his best when he's in the pocket, making defenders miss. He's got a lightning-quick release, which helps him get the ball out before he's swallowed up by an opposing pass rush. But it's his footwork that really makes the difference.

The offense Griffin ran at Baylor included lots of bubble screens and quick reads, and he'll likely be running similar plays under center for the Washington Redskins next season. To continue preparing himself for his rookie year, Griffin performs the Pocket Presence Drill. It replicates a pass rush so a quarterback can get used to evading pressure, just like in a game.

Griffin says, "What you're trying to do is just work on your movement as a quarterback."

View the video above for a breakdown of the Pocket Presence Drill, including RGIII's tips on how to perform it.

Coaching Points: Keep ball high and tight // Perform either three-step, five-step or seven-step drop // Evade pressure from defenders

RGIII says: "You're trying to minimize your movements as a quarterback, but move enough so that the pressure can't get to you."



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