Exercise of the Week: Bear Mountain

The STACK Exercise of the Week will help you improve your overall sports performance—including strength, speed, conditioning and flexibility. This week, we highlight the Bear Mountain, a complex of exercises that builds full-body power.

Who's Doing It

  • Mike Green, Washington Capitals D
  • Duncan Keith, Chicago Blackhawks D
  • Jordan Eberle, Edmonton Oilers RW

Muscular Benefits

  • Increases full-body strength and power, with a focus on the legs and hips
  • Improves anaerobic endurance

Sports Performance Benefits

The Bear Mountain is a unique combination of four different exercises that build full-body strength and power. Its primary focus is to improve hip drive, which will make you faster and improve virtually any athletic skill. The Bear Mountain is also a great conditioner. Performing repetitive power movements helps you fight fatigue when you have to take multiple shots or throws in a row, or make repeated checks or tackles.

Bear Mountain How To

  • Assume athletic stance
  • Hold bar above knees, then perform Clean
  • Catch Clean in quarter-squat position, then drive up out of squat
  • Perform Front Squat
  • Drive up to start position, then perform Push Jerk
  • Lower bar behind head and rest on traps, then perform Back Squat
  • Drive up to start position, then perform Push Press
  • Return to start position; repeat for specified reps

Sets/Reps: 2-4x5

Coaching Points

  • Don't rush movements
  • Fully extend hips at end of rotation
  • Perform each movement explosively, using hips to generate power

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Andy Haley Andy Haley - Andy Haley is the Performance Director at STACK. A certified strength and conditioning specialist (CSCS), he received his bachelor’s degree in exercise science from Miami University...
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