Develop Your Leadership Skills With ROTC

ROTC [Reserve Officers' Training Corps] programs offer collegiate student-athletes the opportunity to develop skills that can serve them well not only in the military, but also on the athletic field.

Since ROTC programs are designed to train college students to become military officers after graduation, they place a heavy emphasis on leadership development. If you want to become a better quarterback or a stronger, more confident leader in the locker room, consider at least a semester of ROTC training, where you'll find:

  • A physical training program to help you stay in shape, even during the off-season
  • Field training exercises that provide unique experiences, including land navigation, rappelling and survival training
  • Events like the Ranger Challenge, which stimulate competition among cadets around the country

ROTC programs are available through all branches of the U.S. military except the Coast Guard. Although some colleges do not offer ROTC programs, most students who want to participate can find a program at a nearby school. Locate ROTC programs through the Army, Navy, Air Force or Marines.

Taking ROTC credits does not obligate you to join the military after school. Many student-athletes accept scholarships from the military or graduate from the program to become military officers, but others simply take ROTC electives to stay in shape and develop leadership skills for the athletic field.

Whatever route you take, ROTC is a valuable program for building the physical attributes and intangible mental qualities that characterize both Hall-of-Fame athletes and world-class soldiers.

Photo:  U.S. Army

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