The 10 Best Fitness Fails of 2014

STACK brings you the 10 best fitness fails of 2014.

Every Friday this year, we've brought you the best fitness fails on the Internet—partly to show you what not to do, partly to help you feel better about yourself at the gym, but mostly because it gives us an excuse to watch hilarious videos at work. Here are our 10 favorites from 2014.

10. The Lowest Moment in High School Football History

If you find yourself dwelling on the possibility of embarrassing yourself with a fumble or interception, just watch this video and know that no matter how badly you screw up, you'll never do anything THIS dumb.

9. World's Worst Ab Exercise

Props to the videographer for making sure everything was OK by running in a circle right after things start to go awry. Double props for uploading the video to YouTube before Compression Shirt Guy could erase it.


The thing that elevates this video, of course, is the music. What kind of CrossFit box plays sad breakup songs over their sound system?! Is this some weird CrossFit thing we haven't heard about yet? Does grief help with kipping?

7. The Weighted Scoot Is Not a Great Exercise

To perform the Weighted Scoot:

  • Place a 25-pound plate on the ground within scooting range.
  • Load up a cable machine with more weight than you can possibly move.
  • Hold onto the handle and scoot toward the weight with tiny hops. Really put your butt into it.
  • Hold the weight behind you like a tail.
  • Fall on the floor and let the weight drag you back to the machine.
  • Repeat.

Coaching point: Hold on to the handle like your life depends on it.

6. The 6 Most Shameless Soccer Flops Ever

Coaches are not above getting in on the flopping action. This manager has perfected the Bugs Bunny fake death scene.

5. Aerobics Gone Awry

This is clearly our victim's first Step Aerobics class, which makes his decision to position himself in front of everyone so puzzling and his choice to double up on the risers downright foolhardy. By the time we join him in this video, he's struggling mightily to catch his breath. He underestimated the risers. He knows it, we know it, and it's only a matter of time before they get the best of him.

4. The Definitive Guide to President Obama's Not-Great Workout

After spending 10 seconds trying convert kilograms to pounds using common core math, the President finally gives up and grabs two heavyish-looking weights.


Sorry about your first day of CrossFit, Timmy. Thank you for sharing it with the world.

2. The Greatest Mascot of All Time

Just to be clear, the Raptor voluntarily did something no one over the age of 8, or under the blood alcohol level of .2, has ever attempted: strap on a pair of skates and launch himself down a GIANT FLIGHT OF STAIRS. Even more amazing, according to this article, is that he had a 50-pound blower strapped to him at the time.

1. The People of Planet Fitness

Planet Fitness seems to attract more than its fair share of thrill seekers. When the cheapest ticket to Disney World costs $92, sometimes you have to look for bargains. Fortunately for amusement park enthusiasts, all the world's a ride. And $10 for AN ENTIRE MONTH of rides is quite a steal.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock