The 5 Best Intro Videos in the NBA

STACK breaks down the five best intro videos in the NBA. Did your team make the list?

#5: Atlanta Hawks

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We've been known to bash ATL for its lack of fan support, but the city might have redeemed itself with the intro video for the Atlanta Hawks. Any time you can work Cee-Lo, the munchkin/rapper/singer who happens to be an Atlanta native, into your video, you're doing something right. The Hawks intro video takes us through the streets of Hotlanta, where we find various players hanging out in the community. Jeff Teague is apparently walking in the middle of the highway. Al Horford just got done seeing a movie by himself. John Jenkins is getting jiggy with it in his car. And Zaza Pachulia is making some sort of mob deal in an empty diner, because that's what happens there. The Hawks showcase their city by shooting their players in what feels like authentic Atlanta locations. Points for representing the city, and more points for showing Kyle Korver shopping at a thrift store.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock