The 5 Best Intro Videos in the NBA

STACK breaks down the five best intro videos in the NBA. Did your team make the list?

#4: Los Angeles Lakers

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Jumbotron? Who needs a stinking jumbotron? Even if the Lakers' intro video was just a constant loop of Kwame Brown looking sad, it would still make our list because of the presentation. On certain occasions, the Lakers drape a giant sheet over the jumbotron and screen their intro video on that. It's like a makeshift projector screen that you'd put up in your backyard, except twenty times more epic. The intro is centered around L.A.'s recent acquisitions; Steve Nash and Dwight Howard take up most of the screen time. The best part comes at the end, when Nash throws an alley-oop. The music fades away for a minute as the camera focuses on the ball hovering in mid-air; then Howard comes flying in to crush it home as the music returns. If that doesn't get you excited, you're probably a movie star who has a mansion party to go to later.

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