The 5 Best Intro Videos in the NBA

STACK breaks down the five best intro videos in the NBA. Did your team make the list?

#2: Houston Rockets

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The Rockets took a concept that carried a high risk of being horribly lame and turned it into something glorious. With a team name like the Rockets, it was only fitting that Houston set its intro video in outer space. There, we discover "new life" on what we assume to be Mars, and said new life takes the form of newcomers Jeremy Lin, James Harden, Omer Asik and rookie Donatas Motiejunas. Fed up with Mars and its red hue and lack of gravity, the gang blasts off toward earth like something out of one of those mediocre Transformer movies. Landing in downtown Houston, Lin gives the camera a look like "Yeah, I'm an alien, and I'm here to play basketball and also learn about Earth's culture," before the highlights begin to roll. The video ends with Harden mean-mugging for the camera while Jay-Z's "99 Problems" plays in the background. Yeah, Houston, we do have a problem. It's too much awesomeness in one video.

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