The 5 Best Intro Videos in the NBA

STACK breaks down the five best intro videos in the NBA. Did your team make the list?

#1: Brooklyn Nets

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Brooklyn has long been touted as the hippest borough in New York City (they roll up their pant legs there, those hipsters!), and the intro video for the relocated Nets reflects that rep. The video is completely black and white, featuring select Brooklyn landmarks and slow-motion walk-bys of Nets player dressed in their Sunday best. The song that plays throughout, from Brooklyn's own John Forte, includes a bellowing chant of "Brooooooklyyyyyn," adding to a video that is already dripping with class. The Brooklyn Nets mean business, and that message comes through loud and clear in an intro video that almost has too much swag to handle. Jay-Z wins again.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock