Boost Your Strength and Size with the '100 Finisher'

Challenge yourself after a workout with the '100 Finisher' from STACK Expert Roger Lockridge.

Finisher workouts ensure you get the most out of your training sessions. You no longer need to concern yourself with conserving energy to maximize strength and power. You can go all out—expending every last ounce of fuel and effort to improve your strength and endurance, and burn fat at the same time.

If this interests you, try the 100 Finisher. Choose one exercise and perform 100 reps over the course of four to eight sets. I guarantee this: your muscles will be on fire!

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Here's how it works:

Let's say it's an upper-body day, and you're doing Curls to finish off your workout. Choose a weight you can lift at least 20 but no more than 40 reps. When you reach failure, take the number of reps you performed and subtract it from 100. That's the number of seconds you take to rest before your next set. After your rest period, start your next set, counting from when you reached failure in the last set. After completing the last rep of your second set, take the new number and subtract it  from 100. Again, that's your number of seconds to rest. Repeat the pattern until you reach 100 total reps. As you do more reps, the rest between sets decreases, which will challenge your endurance. The end result is muscular fatigue, so make sure you push yourself to rep 100.

Sample Training Log of The 100 Finisher (Bicep Curl)

  • 1st set of 20 reps -> 100-20 = 80 seconds rest.
  • 2nd set of 20 reps for 40 total -> 100-40 = 60 seconds rest.
  • 3rd set of 20 reps for 60 total -> 100-60 = 40 seconds rest.
  • 4th set of 15 reps for 75 total -> 100-75 = 25 seconds rest.
  • 5th set of 15 reps for 90 total -> 100-90 = 10 seconds rest.
  • 6th set for 10 reps for 100 total.

This is just one example. You don't have to hit any specific number of reps before failure. Just use enough resistance to reach failure within the first 20 to 40 reps and four to eight sets. You can also use any exercise you like. If you really want to challenge yourself after mastering the 100 Finisher, do it at the beginning of your training session to pre-exhaust your muscles before you do your normal program. Example: the Bench Press.

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