Broncos Receiver Emmanuel Sanders Wants Brock Osweiler to Buy Him a Lambo

How to acquire a Lamborghini without laying out over $200 grand.

Emmanuel Sanders and Brock Osweiler

Everyone would love to own a flashy sports car. The problem is they are super expensive. Professional athletes drive them around because they can afford them.

Denver Broncos receiver Emmanuel Sanders wants one, but  he thinks an ex-teammate should buy it for him.

Ex-Broncos quarterback Brock Osweiler left the team and signed a huge deal with the Houston Texans—4 years, $72 million. Many fans and analyst think the 6-foot-8 quarterback was overpaid, but Sanders plans to take advantage of Osweiler's big payday.

Appearing on ESPN's SportsCenter, Sanders was asked about Osweiler's decision to leave. He conceded that it would be hard to pass up that amount of money, but he wants a "thank you gift" from Osweiler—his reason being that he helped Brock earn his big contract by catching his passes.

Sanders did have two 100-yard games with Brock as QB.

We'll wait and see if Brock comes through with the "gift"—but we won't be holding our breath.


Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock