The Making of an NBA Intro Video

STACK goes behind the scenes with ThinkMedia, the creators of the Cleveland Cavs' intro video, to find out what it takes to make an NBA intro video.

The Premiere....and Fan Reaction

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The night of Oct. 30, a sold out Quicken Loans Arena began to buzz with anticipation as the lights went out and Think Media Studios' video creation hit the four gigantic screens that make up the jumbotron. When it ended, the reaction was immediate. Fans in the arena cheered the video, and viewers at home took to Twitter to voice their opinions. The two creators were glued to their phones all night, taking in the reactions, both positive and critical.

"It's amazing people's anticipation for this thing. That has grown so big," Potoczak said. "So you're almost flattered in a way because of that. But you have to expect not everyone [will like it]. Everyone hates everything on Twitter. Seeing the reactions, of course they bother me. People see it on a real cut and dry level. Like, 'Machine Gun Kelly. I hate him. I hate this intro.' I see all the work we put into it."

"This one NBA Jam comment got me fired up. They didn't say it in a bad way, but they said 'What is this, NBA Jam?'" Hardy said.

"It's just really interesting. I follow people that, the intro played and it was just like, 'Rate the intro 1 to 10!' And I was like whoa, people are really crazy about this thing," said Potoczak.

You can watch the intro video that debuted during the home opener above.


Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock