Christopher Nolan and Christian Bale on Board for 'Justice League'?

Are Christian Bale and Christopher Nolan really on board for the "Justice League" movie? Get caught up on the rumors with STACK Gamer.

Chris Nolan Justice League

The latest rumors coming out of Tinseltown suggest that Christopher Nolan and Christian Bale will reunite again to bring Justice League to life with their take on Batman from the Dark Knight trilogy. The film has had a long and arduous road to the silver screen, including the recent firing of the script writer. But the addition of Nolan and Bale would build up anticipation and help set aside fears that the film will never come to fruition.

According to Latino Review, which has provided quite a few credible scoops in the past, Warner Bros. has given Nolan creative control over all of their DC Universe properties. As part of the deal, he would produce the movie alongside Zack Snyder, who would also serve as director. This would help create a cohesive storyline that would tie in Snyder's forthcoming Superman flick Man of Steel, which Nolan is already involved in.

Of course, without a script, it's hard to truly get excited about the possibilities. But Nolan has already proven more than capable of creating three-dimensional superheroes and successfully melding them with flashy stunts that put people in theater seats.

Bale will keep busy throughout the year with the release of at least two other movies: Out of the Furnace, a thriller that also stars Forest Whitaker, Woddy Harrelson and Zoe Saldana; and Interstellar, a sci-fi flick that Nolan is currently working on and will direct.

Justice League is slated to hit theaters during the summer of 2015, in direct competition with The Avengers 2.


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