Golfers: Build a Strong Core for a More Powerful and Accurate Swing

Perform these five exercises to develop your core and perfect a stable and balanced golf swing.

A strong core is the key to your golf training.

To get started with core training, here are five exercises to develop a strong root structure for golf. The stronger your core, the more stable and balanced you will be when you move through your swing. Check out the video player above for advanced variations of each exercise from renowned strength and conditioning coaches.

1. Plank 

The Plank is the foundation of core training. Also called the Bridge, it engages the entire trunk area. It teaches golfers how to engage their whole posture to produce maximum power. The triangle formed at the address of the ball is a similar posture, but while standing.

To ensure a strong and stable base, perform the Plank from the front, side and back. You should be able to hold each position for at least two minutes.

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2. Step-Up

Although it is often overlooked, the Step-Up is one of the best exercises to teach you how to drive through the ball. It's mainly used for power. Learning to drive your heel though the ground with force emphasizes power from the glutes. The Step-Up also give you a great sense of balance by challenging your stabilizers. As you transfer your weight to make contact with the ball, you will notice progress.

3. Kneeling Cable Rotations


This exercise focuses on the obliques, which are a critical component of your golf swing. Kneeling emphasizes rotation of the trunk and allows you to focus on rotation and balance.

4. Push-Up


The Push-Up is one of the driving forces behind the set-up of your swing stance. Engaging the back (or lats) and chest allows you to stay in a stiff position through the windup and swing, producing better accuracy and power at contact.

5. Pull-Ups


Pull-Ups primarily activate the lats. The back and chest working together is important for the descent of your club toward the ball. As you come down in your swing, engaging the back to draw your elbow toward your ribs is critical.

When you learn to combine all the moving parts of your trunk into one harmonious movement, you will have a fluid, strong and stable swing.

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