Create Your Own Training Program With This Simple Template

A workout template allows you to have consistent training sessions and adjust exercises to add variation without affecting the overall benefits of the program.

You want your strength and conditioning program to give you results. However, there's a tendency for athletes to focus too much on the exercises they perform and not the goal of their overall program, which can lead to lackluster results.

This has long been the case with the Bench Press, and with the YouTube generation we are seeing more and more athletes gravitate toward exercises that look cool but often don't actually improve performance.

That's why I recommend that athletes develop a workout system that will enhance performance. Once this system is laid out, you can simply fill in exercises based on the goal you defined for that portion of the workout. Developing a system or template for a workout allows you to have consistent training sessions and adjust exercises to add variation or account for the equipment you have available to you without affecting the overall benefits of the program.

For simplicity of this article we will look at a two-day-per-week systems-based training program. The goal is to increase acceleration qualities, increase muscular power and strength, and focus specifically on eccentric hamstring strength.


Day 1: Linear Acceleration & Total-Body Strength

Soft Tissue: Foam Roll-Quads/Hamstrings Trigger Point- Calf

Mobility: Hip Flexor, Hamstring and Thoracic Spine

Movement Prep: Marches, Skips and Bounds

Speed: Heavy Sled Runs (50% of bodyweight) - 5-7 repetitions

Plyometrics: Half Kneel Double Jump With Double-Leg Landing - 4x3 each

Power: Hang Power Clean - 5x2 @80%

Lower-Body Strength: Barbell Deadlift - 4x6 @70%

Upper-Body Strength: Weighted Pull-Ups - 4xMax

Corrective Exercise: Straight-Leg Band Stretch With Lowering - 3x12 each

Posterior Chain Strength: RDL - 3x10 & Face Pulls - 3x12

Conditioning: Shuttles - 3x150 yard

Day 2: Lateral Acceleration and Total-Body Push

Soft Tissue: Foam Roll-Glute, Lats and Foot

Mobility: Groin, Glute and Thoracic Spine

Movement Prep: Shuffle, Crossover and Bounds

Speed: Partner Bungee Push & Replace (35% of bodyweight) 3x5-10 yards each direction

Plyometrics: Lateral Double Box Jump With Single-Leg Landing - 4x3 each

Power: Single-Arm Dumbbell Push-Press - 4x4 @85%

Lower-Body Strength: Barbell Back Squat 4x4 @85-90%

Upper-Body Strength: Barbell Bench Press - 4x4 @85-95%

Corrective Exercise: Deadbugs 3x12 each

Posterior Chain: Eccentrc Hamstring Curls - 3x10 & Band Pullaparts - 3x12

Conditioning: Interval Circuit-Ropes and Med Ball Slams - 10x30 sec. each with 30 sec. rest

A systems-based training program has different exercises within it but stays within its own written principles. This allows you to first create a program that has defined goals and then plug in exercises that will help you achieve those goals.