DeSean Jackson's Off-Season Pass-Catching Routine

Warning: This off-season, DeSean Jackson is working on his hands—as if opposing defenders didn't already have nightmares about D-Jack, who led the NFL with 22.5 yards per catch last season.

Jackson's advice for young wideouts: catch 100 passes per practice or on-field training session. Not 100 attempts; 100 pass completions. That's  what Jackson does, and STACK was there as the Philadelphia Eagles playmaker reeled in pass after pass at Veteran's Memorial Stadium in his hometown of Long Beach, Calif., this past week.

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Philly's Action Jackson showed off his speed work, too. Come back later to learn the science behind his game-changing speed. Down the road, we'll bring you plenty more from our exclusive training session with Jackson. In the meantime, call your quarterback or get to the JUGS machine and start snatching balls. Week one may be months away, but there is no off-season if you want to be the best.

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