Dumbbell Jump Squat Strength Training

Improve your all-important basketball vertical jump with dumbbell jump squat training.

Improve your vertical jump with the Dumbbell Jump Squat. Not only will it make you jump higher, it'll also help you be more explosive with your second jump, an important capability for basketball players, because when you miss a shot, you'll be able to grab your own rebound and put it back in. (Why a vertical jump is so important in athletics.) When performing the Dumbbell Jump Squat, use the same form and technique as if you were squatting with a bar.

  • Sit back on heels, keeping back flat and chest up
  • Squat down, then explode up, trying to jump as high possible
  • Land softly back in squat position, then explode back up as high as possible
  • Keep good form throughout the exercise

When picking your weight for the exercise, choose dumbbells about 20 percent of your Squat max. The reason to go light is that the movement needs to be fast and explosive. Concentrate on driving off the ground as fast as possible and getting as high as possible—while maintaining good form. (Check it out in action here)

Photo: menshealth.com

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock