Instagram Round-Up: Dwight Howard Prepares For Space Mission and 14 Other Can't-Miss Athlete Posts

Each week STACK scours the Instagram accounts of the world's best athletes to bring their most interesting posts to you. Scroll down to see Patrick Willis trying on a snake and Marvin Jones Jr. in the gym on the day of his wedding.

15. Damion James
Caption: Every time we go out u know u we GOTTA SHOW OUT! #lionlife #reallove

14. Lance Stephenson
Caption: This is hot tag all the heat fans

13. Jamaal Charles
Caption: Puma North America Headquarters in Westford, MA #takingfunnypic

12. Eric Berry
Caption: Messin up lil kids sandcastles on a tues with @tru_savage_52. Captured by @_dbella

11. Marvin Jones Jr.
Caption: Pre - Wedding workout with my pops!!! @jstillgess @daddymorebucs we in here!!!! #BZN

10. Ray Ray Armstrong

9. Stephanie Gilmore
Caption: Turnt up. Who needs squats, when you've got tourist activities in KL. Did a couple laps to make sure I'm ready for Margaret River

8. Dwight Howard
Caption: Hittin that nae nae in space. Huaaahhh

7. Tim Jennings
Caption: Bc we love to do what we do!!! #groupselfie #whynot #mygoons #305 #damnitshot @j_bushrod7475 @idf_31 @marquesswilson @btm15 @__fen__ @ky1elong

6. Shane Victorino
Caption: Decided since its their special day let my sneakers take a dip in the pool

5. Devin Hester
Caption: Yea yea Hester's camp with my boys @lilmade21 @2_good2btrue @hennorjenn @yougongetthiswork

4. Marquise Goodwin
Caption: A solid 3 step jump.. Gettin my jump game right for my 2nd NFL season! Yes there is a correlation... Yes I do work football stuff. #letmelive #AsLongAsiScoreTDs

3. Carlos Emmons
Caption: The look on @patricklwillis face when they put that snake around his neck was classic. His whole body started trembling. Lol @takeospikes51

2. Allyson Felix
Caption: Got them @ms_gc @jenebasylvia

1. Pat White
Caption: Welcome to our world! @barwismethods Courtesy @ryanclarkdoyle #HalfManHalfAmazing

Bonus: Floyd Mayweather Jr.'s "Money Pull-Ups"


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