Dwight Howard's Strength Coach Provides the Best Upper-Body Exercise for Athletes

The Single-Arm Knee Down Cable Press will help you withstand a hit and continue playing.

Everyone needs to be able to withstand a hit and continue playing, whether they're driving to the basket or carrying a football. I've had the opportunity to train some of the most powerful athletes in the world, and the Single-Arm Knee Down Cable Press is a must to develop the athletic body.

Have you seen Russell Westbrook, James Harden and Dwight Howard absorb contact and continue to the basket? This exercise will help you dominate and finish the play in basketball.

The Single-Arm Knee Down Cable Press at the basic level is a Single-Arm Cable Press while kneeling. This position strengthens your chest, the front side of your shoulders and your triceps like any other press; however, the half-kneeling position and single-arm load forces your core to engage to maintain stability and control.

We can also take this up another notch by using physics. Moving your body to the side away from the cable machine to position the cable on an angle places a significant amount of torque on your body, increasing the stability and core challenge to prevent you from rotating. The greater the diagonal distance, the greater the torque.

This exercise greatly increases upper-body pressing and core strength and stabiltiy to help you maintain power and control in many different positions and situations you will encounter in your sport. It will even help increase your Bench Press strength. Give it a try and watch your performance improve.

How to

As you can see in the video above, I recommend three progressions of increasing difficulty. Start with level 1 with a weight that's about 7-8 out of 10 and perform 10-12 reps. Advance to levels 2 and 3 without touching the weight to feel the demand of the exercise. And of course, perform on both sides.

Here's the setup for pressing with your left hand. Use the same setup in reverse for your right hand.

Level 1 - Cable is directly behind you.

Level 2 - Move to your right and back slightly toward the machine.

Level 3 - Move to your right and back again.

Bonus: Repeat Level 1-3 for SPEED and this time for 10 seconds. Avoid twisting and make sure you squeeze your glutes and push your front foot into the ground to avoid twisting.