Exclusive Training Videos With All-Pro Linebacker Patrick Willis

Patrick Willis is one of the most jacked-up dudes in the NFL, and STACK is proud to present his exclusive training regimen. Let us be the first to tell you, the San Francisco 49ers middle linebacker is a beast.

We had the privilege of spending a sunny Los Angeles afternoon with Willis as he prepared to embark on another All-Pro caliber season. If you're not familiar with his work, the man is a tackling machine, having led the NFL in that category in two of the past three seasons.

Within the stuffy confines of Gold's Gym in North Hollywood, Willis disclosed a bunch of training secrets and shared many insights. Below is a taste of his "Homegrown" workout, a throwback to his strength training as a youngster growing up in Bruceton, Tenn.

The day's training recipe started with some light core work. Then Willis moved on to the main course, a series of monster upper-body supersets. Willis is "big with the core," which is why he blended Weighted Sit-Ups, Leg Raises and Hanging Knee Raises into the mix as active rest.

Hungry for more? We're serving plenty of Willis working out. Head over to STACK.com to view the full collection of off-season football training videos from the "Homegrown" workout. And be sure to keep it locked for more exclusive content from the "Boss" of the 'Niners defense. Willis will be featured on the cover of STACK Magazine's holiday issue. Check back for updates on the release date.

Photo:  German Alegria


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