Exclusive Video: Jordan Melo M8

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Jordan Brand recently revealed details behind the Melo M8, its latest signature shoe for New York Knicks forward Carmelo Anthony. The M8 is set to release today, Oct. 12.

STACK spoke with Jordan designers about the sneaker's design elements, its performance-boosting technology and the personal touches that make it stand out. Watch our exclusive video (above) to learn more about the Melo M8.

Below, we break down a few of our favorite things about the shoe.

It Looks Like Melo Plays
The jagged line running around the outside of the sneaker is an artist's interpretation of Melo's on-court game. "When you look at how the toe dips down, that's kind of how Melo sizes up his opponent," says Jordan designer Justin Taylor, who worked with Melo to create the M8. The hump is meant to mimic Melo's first move with the ball, and the upward diagonal line represents Melo's explosion to the hoop.

It's Loaded With Flywire
Flywire, a super-lightweight material used in Melo's last shoe, has become an essential component of his line going forward. "Melo responded really well to the Flywire," says Taylor. "Since he has a narrow foot, the Jordan team made sure the sneaker locks his foot in place without adding more weight."

It's Full of Personal Touches
The Melo M8 includes a bunch of details that recall facts about Anthony's upbringing. The tongue contains a  replica signature, as well as the phrase "born in Brooklyn, manufactured in B'More and model number seven"—referring to where Memo grew up and to his Knicks jersey number.

Find the shoe on Eastbay.com.

Photo:  jumpman23.com

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock