STACK Plays: FIFA 12

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Ridiculous. That's the first word that comes to mind when contemplating everything EA Sports packed into its latest soccer offering, FIFA 12. Between the game modes, creation centre, online modes and sheer realism, it's impossible not to love this game after just one match on the pitch.

Like other sports video games, FIFA 12 gives you the basic option of playing a quick friendly contest or entering a tournament.  What's mind-boggling is the insane number of licensed teams to choose from. Whether you want to win the MLS Cup with your hometown Crew from Columbus, Ohio, or you're in Switzerland and want to take home the Schweizer Cup with the BSC Young Boys, you'll find a tournament with updated kits and rosters. You might even recognize many of the players, thanks to new technology used by the developers at EA Sports.

Serious soccer gamers can dive right into career mode as a player, manager or player-manager. As a player, you can stick with your favorite boot throughout your career and eventually assume a management position. Managers begin right in the front office, while player-managers get called down onto the pitch during crucial matches.

The biggest addition to FIFA's online play is the experience points system. Players can win trophies and increase their online rankings by taking on everything FIFA 12 has to offer. Of course, the best way to work your way up the leaderboards is by schooling the competition from across the world.

This could be the most realistic game we've ever played here at STACK Gaming. FIFA 12 invested in state-of-the-art technology for its new player impact engine. Instead of relying simply on motion capture technology, players now respond to contact based on the athlete's size, speed and strength. Standing challenges and slide tackles look, feel and respond realistically. The television style presentation, realism of the pitch and player impact engine move EA Sports even closer to its ultimate goal—offering a true soccer experience.

FIFA 12 is a must for anyone with even a passing interest in soccer. Your options are virtually endless in this game—you can even create your own player or team by logging onto the FIFA Creation Centre. Combined with amazing features and astonishing gameplay, there's no reason not to include FIFA 12 in your collection of sports video games.

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