4 Things to Watch for in the Final Four

STACK gets you ready for the Final Four this weekend with four of the top storylines to watch for.

Wichita State's Super Weird Mascot

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Wichita State\'s Super Weird Mascot

Besides eliciting great headline puns and bringing uncomfortable hand signals to national television, Wichita State's "Shocker" mascot has a bizarre backstory. Back in 1904, Wichita State football players used to harvest, or "shock," wheat during the summer to pay for their tuition and board. The name stuck, and the school's mascot, deemed WuShock, evolved from a faceless bundle of wheat to a walking, talking, mean-mugging and possibly steroid-juiced shock of yellow wheat (which we guess is a better look than this). So although underdog Wichita State will be remembered for its 3-point shooting and "shocking" wins over Gonzaga and Ohio State, we will never forget the WuShock, who may or may not be an extra from the "The Hills Have Eyes."

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