How Flying Sprints Will Help You Get Faster

DeSean Jackson Sprint

If you want to increase your top speed, running traditional sprints will only take you so far. By the time you accelerate and hit your top speed, fatigue will set in and you will only be able to maintain this speed for two to three seconds. (Learn the essentials of a speed workout.)

Enter Flying Sprints. These allow you to gradually build up your speed, then focus on running at max speed for a specified distance. Running longer at full speed will teach you how to increase your stride frequency, which directly translates to more speed.

I recommend performing Flying Sprints at least twice a week on your speed development days. Gradually increase the distance by ten percent, while maintaining proper form and sprint mechanics.

  • Set up a cone at the starting line, a second cone 20 yards away and a third 40 yards away
  • Perform a falling start
  • Accelerate so you are at full speed at the second cone
  • Sprint at full speed to the third cone
  • Gradually decelerate

Sets/Reps: 6xDrill with 3-5 minute rest between sets

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