9 of the Most Ridiculous Off-Field Athlete Injuries of All Time

STACK catalogs some of the craziest ways athletes have hurt themselves away from the action.

Chris Hanson Got Axed

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Chris Hanson Got Axed

In 2003, Jack Del Rio, the then-head coach of the Jacksonville Jaguars, was looking for ways to motivate his football team. So, like anyone would do, Del Rio brought in a tree stump with an axe buried in it as a message to his team to "keep choppin' wood."

Nothing could go wrong there, right? Well, after watching several of his teammates take the axe and literally chop some wood, Pro Bowl punter Chris Hanson thought "why not me?" He grabbed the axe and went down for a swing. Then things went horribly wrong. The axe bounced off the wood and went directly into Hanson's non-kicking foot, creating a huge gash that was serious enough to require surgery. The axe and tree stump were gone soon after the incident.