Gameplay and Dynasty Mode Features in "NCAA Football 13"

Learn about the new gameplay and dynasty mode features in NCAA 13.

Sports gamers are counting down until July 13, the release date of NCAA Football 13 for Xbox 360 and PS3. Thankfully, EA Sports recently shared more info on updates to their college football franchise series. Here's a breakdown of the gameplay and Dynasty Mode additions fans can expect to see in the forthcoming edition.

Let's Go to Rece
Dynasty Mode has been updated, finally including studio updates during games, something fans have requested for years. You'll see a live score ticker on the bottom of the screen, and the game will cut to Rece Davis in an ESPN studio to provide more detail, just like a real broadcast. The cut scenes will use true-to-life ESPN college football graphics packages, which should add more of an authentic feel to the mode.

Recruiting Updates
The recruiting aspect of Dynasty Mode didn't get the full overhaul many hoped for, but signs point to a more realistic experience. The biggest update is the use of dynamic school grades for things like Coach Prestige, TV Exposure and Championship Contender. You should notice your school's overall ranking fluctuate from week to week, depending on how you do on the field. That means if you're able to win enough, you can turn a small school into a BCS powerhouse in a season or two.

Gameplay Nuts and Bolts
EA Sports has introduced more realistic drop backs, including a three and seven-stepper, as well as shovel passes and pump fakes. You'll also notice new passing trajectories, which should enable you to put the ball in the corner of the end zone with zip or air underneath it, depending on how you throw. The play-action mechanic has been reworked, and more than 400 new catch animations have been added to improve the flow of the game. Perhaps the biggest overall improvement is read and react AI, meaning that defenders can't break on the ball unless their heads are turned toward it, and receivers won't make catches unless they have time to turn toward the QB. Hopefully these additions will eliminate kinks in the passing game.

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Source:  EA Sports

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