Bring an NFL Pro to Practice With Gatorade Contest

Gatorade Train With a Pro

If you're a high school football player who dreams of working out with an NFL player, the Gatorade Train with a Pro sweepstakes is for you!

The Gatorade sweepstakes gives high school football teams from around the country a chance to compete for the opportunity to bring an NFL pro to their practice. Simply head over to Gatorade's Train with a Pro website and cast a vote for your high school football team. When the votes are tallied at the end of the voting period, the team with the most votes will win.

To improve your chances, make sure teammates, friends and family members cast their votes for your team.

The sweepstakes began last month and runs until Sept. 30. Time is counting down, so hurry up and cast your vote today!

For more information, check out the contest's official rules.


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