Get a Quick Release Like Robert Griffin III

Robert Griffin III is one of the most exciting QB prospects to enter the NFL in years. Not only did Griffin put up great numbers at Baylor on the way to winning the Heisman Trophy last season, he's charismatic and brings lots of personality to the next level.

Although he was the fastest QB at this year's NFL Combine (he ran the 40-Yard Dash in 4.4) and a college track star (he competed in the 2012 Olympic Trials in the 400-meter event), RGIII is first and foremost a pocket passer. And to make sure he gets the ball out quickly, he performs the Quick Release Drill.

"Coaches want their quarterbacks to have that quick release," says Griffin, "so they can get the ball out in the face of pressure."

View the video above for a breakdown of the Quick Release Drill, including RGIII's tips on how to perform it.

Coaching Points: Throw ball overhand; do not use sidearm // Get ball out of your hands as fast as possible // Perform two to three throws in each position

RGIII says: "Getting a quick release isn't something you get in two months, three months or a year. You have to constantly do the drills."



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