Get Stronger Outdoors With These 4 Unique Exercises

Get in a great workout outdoors whenever you can't get to your favorite equipment at the gym.

If you're traveling and don't have access to all the bells and whistles for your normal fitness routine, fear not. There is still hope.

Head to a park. With the aid of a picnic table you can perform these four exercises to build muscle and increase your athletic performance. They will crush your total body and change your mindset, keeping you strong, mobile and explosive for your sport.

Watch the videos above to learn how to perform these exercises.

1. Half-Kneeling Press

This is a safe way to build stronger shoulders while also challenging your core.

2. Floor Press

This upper-body movement allows you to move massive weight without placing tremendous stress on your shoulders. Pushing through this variation promotes a pure pump in the chest, triceps and shoulders.

3. Split-Squat Push Press

This is a full-body exercise that builds single-leg strength, challenges your core and trains your upper body. You're getting the best of both worlds with this exercise, since you can perform it explosively to build power or perform it for reps for conditioning.

4. Split-Squat Jumps

This one develops your quads and glutes and tests your explosiveness, targeting your total-body strength. The beauty of it is that your core has to support the picnic table and maintain stability while your lower body does work, a critical skill for sports performance.


Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock