Heat Up the Gridiron with Reebok U-Form

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Reebok's new custom-fit technology is hot this football season. Literally.

When heated up, the interior of the Reebok NFL U-Form shoe molds to your foot for a precise fit. This helps prevent foot slippage inside the shoe and allows for more effective cuts and movements.

  1. Pre-heat conventional oven to 200 degrees F. Place the cleats in oven for three minutes. When ready, they should feel like a "warm towel out of the dryer."
  2. Put on the cleats after they come out of the oven. Wait eight minutes for the interior to set before stepping on the field.
  3. The shoes can be heated over and over for a newly-fitted shoe every day.

Even though the shoe can re-form itself many times, the outside still maintains its structure. The cleats are made with a soft, synthetic upper with micro-perforation zones for breathability. The mesh tongue is conveniently designed to prevent too much lace pressure, and with Reebok's PlayDry technology in the lining, moisture escapes and the feet stay dry. The cleat (ideal for linemen) contains added arch support and three groove channels on each stud for sturdy pivots and lateral movements.

Be on the lookout for basketball, baseball and lacrosse U-Forms this fall.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock