Here's Video Proof That Western Michigan Head Coach P.J. Fleck Is the Fastest Coach in College Football

Don't challenge this man to a race.

P.J. Fleck has not only guided his Western Michigan squad to its first 12-0 start in program history, he's also cemented his status as the fastest coach in all of college football, and probably the NFL, too. During his college days, the 35-year-old Fleck was a wide receiver at Northern Illinois, where he ranks second in school history in single-season receptions with 77 as a senior. He actually spent two seasons with the San Francisco 49ers before a nagging shoulder injury forced him to retire.

But Fleck hasn't lost much of the speed that made him such an effective receiver, and he shows it off every now and then as a coach, whether to school his players in practice or sprint down the sideline during a game.

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Here was Fleck over the weekend, racing Western Michigan star wide receiver Corey Davis across the field after the end of the first quarter against Toledo. It looks like Fleck won by at least 5 yards.

This is not the first time that Fleck has shown off his wheels. He was so freaking amped that he sped down the sideline with Darius Phillips when Phillips took a kick return to the house in a game against Michigan State last season. Look at my man (in the gold shirt) go.

But the coolest thing Fleck has ever done, probably forever earning him the respect of his players, was when he juked cornerback Donald Celiscar in practice and caught a ball right in front of him. Fleck was so hyped that he went and dunked the ball over the goalpost while Celiscar's teammates lost their minds off camera.

Race P.J. Fleck at your own peril.


Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock