Hornets Guard Marco Belinelli Once Gained 15 Pounds by Eating Chocolate Chip Cookies

When Marco Belinelli arrived in Golden State in 2007, the Italian hoopster looked like he weighed about 180 pounds. He was a stick, a 19-year-old rookie who needed to put on pounds fast if he had any hope of surviving in the NBA. Turns out all he needed to do was munch on one of the greatest American desserts of all time: the chocolate chip cookie.

Al Harrington, who played with Belinelli on the Warriors during Belinelli's rookie season, appeared on the latest episode of the SLAM Magazine Podcast, and shared a delightful anecdote about how his former teammate packed on 15 pounds as he attempted to beef up for the rigors of professional basketball.

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"Belli was skinny when he first got to the team. He gained 15 pounds eating cookies," Harrington said. "He came from Italy and he'd never had an American chocolate chip cookie. He ate one and he lost his mind."

Harrington made it sound like even when the team went out together after games, Belinelli would be right there with a tray of cookies. What a life young Belinelli lived, making it to the NBA from Italy and eating chocolate chip cookies whenever he pleased. He needs to secure a Chips Ahoy! sponsorship as soon as possible.

Marco Belinelli


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