How Fast Food Affects Your Athletic Performance

Fast food tips from sports dietician Leslie Bonci.

Most people know that fast food is not a healthy choice but continue to buy it because of its convenience and relatively low price. But if you're an athlete, you want to fuel your body with food that will help you maximize your performance—and fast food is never the best option to do that.

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STACK talked with sports dietician Leslie Bonci for tips on how to select fast foods that won't ruin your athletic performance.

To fuel your body properly throughout the day, you need good carbohydrates, protein and good fat. Fast food restaurants do offer products with these options, but a lot of them are too high in sugar and fat and have too many calories.

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When ordering, you normally have a choice to make your meal a combo, which typically includes fries and a drink (normally a soda). If you are an athlete, it's best to take a pass on the combo. You don't need all those extra calories. Choose just one item.

Make sure the item you choose has protein. If it's chicken, get grilled not crispy or deep fried. If you are getting a burger, make sure it's flame broiled. If the menu has an option for a turkey or ham sandwich, those are good options.

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Be selective when you order from a fast food restaurant. You don't want the food you eat to drag you down. Check out the video above for more tips on fast food eating

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