How Texans Rookie Receiver Will Fuller Recovers After Every Practice

Houston Texans rookie wide receiver Will Fuller uses contrast baths to recover from tough training camp practices.

NFL training camp is hard on all players. It doesn't matter what position you play or how long you've been in the league, practice leaves your muscles tired and sore. But although Houston Texans wide receiver Will Fuller is a rookie, he seems to have mastered the way to care for his body.

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Fuller has been working hard during rookie training camp to capture the second wide receiver spot, behind DeAndre Hopkins. To do so, he needs to take care of his body so he can perform well during practices and pre-season games. Fuller used Fox Sports PROcast on Twitter to reveal what he has been doing to keep his body in top shape.


Fuller is using contrast baths every day after practice. He switches from a cold tub to a hot tub several times. When he's in the hot water, his blood vessels dilate to increase his blood circulation. When he switches to cold water, his blood vessels constrict, decreasing his blood flow. The contrast flushes toxins such as lactic acid, which built up during practice or a workout.

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This is good to do after any type of physical activity to repair your body so you can go at 100 percent the next day. It seems to be working for the 22-year-old. In the Texans' second pre-season game against the New Orleans Saints, Fuller had four catches for 73 yards and one touchdown. If the 21st pick of the 2016 NFL Draft keeps up the good work, he will be the Texans' No. 2 receiver during the regular season.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock