How to Score More Baskets Off a Pin Down Screen

Master this screen to open up your offensive game.

A basketball pin down screen is designed to create open space for a shot or pass by pinning a defender close to the baseline. A post player typically sets this screen for a wing, who can swing around to the elbow in transition for an offensive play.

A pin down screen often won't follow the ideal script, so you need options off the screen for this play to be effective and ultimately help you score more baskets. There are three primary options for creating separation off the pin down, which are demonstrated in the video above.


When the defender gets stuck on the screen, pop above the screen to receive the ball. As you walk your defender in, change speeds and guide the defender into the screen by running into the screener's hip so the defender can't get through.


When the defender locks and trails on the screen, curl to the passer to receive the ball. This helps to keep the defender behind you so you can take a higher percentage shot.


When the defender goes under the screen, back out behind the screen to receive the ball. This quick change of direction traps the defender behind the screener, again creating open space for an uncontested shot.

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