How to Treat Sore Muscles Most Effectively

Sometimes you need to push your body. Sometimes you need to reduce muscle soreness. STACK Expert Ben Boudro tells you how.

Push past your breaking point! Stop being comfortable! Crush your body! I preach this to my athletes every day, but I also make it a priority to show my athletes how to treat sore muscles.

If you take a look at some of the workouts I've previously posted, you'll see they are not easy to do and yes, they will leave you sore the next day. I do it because I know the human body is capable of amazing feats. But every once in awhile, you and your body need a break. We all do.

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Without recovery, it is impossible for muscle to grow, and when muscles stop growing that's just not cool. You need to learn how to treat sore muscles now!

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Below is a workout I send to my college athletes and adult clients after they've had a long week of training. It includes five tri-sets of mobility exercises, stretches and bodyweight moves (except for Goblet Squats), which take the muscles through a full range of motion at a moderately lower intensity to increase blood flow, reduce inflammation and, of course, reduce soreness. It takes no more than 15 minutes to complete and will improve your performance the next day.

You will learn how to treat sore muscles and help your body bounce back, keeping you safer from injury.

Perform each exercise in the tri-set for 30 seconds. Repeat each tri-set two times.

Tri-Set 1

Tri-Set 2

Tri-Set 3

Tri-Set 4

Tri-Set 5

Give this "Treat Muscle Soreness" workout a try and allow your body to recover.

Stay tuned for my next workout. It's going to be the opposite of recovery—muhahaha!

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