How to Win Your Daily Fantasy Snake Draft

Daily drafts add a new wrinkle to fantasy football. Get an edge on the opposition with this quick guide.

Combining the best of season-long fantasy football and a one-off contest, a daily fantasy snake draft replicates the fun of the draft-day experience without having to be locked into the same roster all NFL season.

Without needing to worry about players putting dozens of lineups into the game, you can concentrate on building the best possible roster, whether you're playing head-to-head or in a 10-team league. Sites like DRAFT (iOS or Android) are growing rapidly by giving fantasy fanatics a quick way to get in the game.

Here are some tips to help you win your daily fantasy snake draft:

Don't overthink it

With a limited number of spots available in snake drafting thanks to smaller rosters, there's no need to get tricky when it comes to picking your players. If you have a top-three pick, don't reach beyond Antonio Brown, David Johnson or Le'Veon Bell. You're going to get guaranteed production without having to share it with the hundreds of other people who "bought" them in regular daily fantasy.

Plot your position

Where you are selecting in a snake draft will play a major role in your strategy. If you are in a head-to-head league, you can be patient if there are a number of running backs who are all projected to score the same amount of points. Snag other positions first and grab your RB at the end. In a bigger league, your draft position is more critical. If you draw the first pick, great, but realize you won't be coming around again until many top players are already gone.

Play the matchups

In standard daily fantasy, you are primarily looking for value—hidden gems that other players might have overlooked. In snake drafts, you want to take the players with the best scoring matchups. You can use previous weeks as a guideline, but take advantage of players matched up against poor defenses, in good weather situations and at home to create your most potent lineup.

Try something new or experience a change of pace this football season by giving a daily fantasy snake draft a chance. You can download DRAFT and win real money on iOS or Android.