Build Your Two-Day In-Season Lacrosse Training Program

Don't forgo your training during lacrosse season. Learn how to build a two-day in-season lacrosse training program from STACK Expert Doug Spurling.

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Athletes need to train for the movements of their sport, not for bodybuilding. No amount of muscle flexing, mirror facing or fist-pumping will make you stand out on the lacrosse field. What will is preparing your body to be able to run, cut, decelerate, take & give hits, rotate and shoot all at once.

It's important to train these skills not only during the off-season, but also in-season. Too many athletes crush themselves during the off-season, then do absolutely nothing to maintain all that work while they're playing their sport. Part of training like an athlete is realizing the importance of in-season training. (See Get Lax Fit: 3 Muscle-Building Workouts for Better Performance.)

All that strength, power, and muscle will fade away if you don't do anything to maintain it. It will also set you up for injury. Most injuries are caused by improper mechanics, poor mobility or insufficient strength to decelerate or withstand a hit.

Each season brings a load of practices and games, so you need a plan for strength and conditioning sessions, ideally performed two days before a game and on light practice days. It's best to get in two or three sessions per week, but one will do in certain cases. Depending on the your team's requirements, one session may be all you can fit in.

For a typical lacrosse athlete, here is a good schedule:

  • Monday: Practice
  • Tuesday: Practice/ Strength & Conditioning Session
  • Wednesday: Practice
  • Thursday: Game
  • Friday: Practice
  • Saturday: Game
  • Sunday: Strength & Conditioning Session

Two-Day In-Season Lacrosse Training Program

This program should take no more than 45 minutes from start to finish. Since time is valuable during the season, you want your workout to be as efficient as possible, but not skimp on quality. Focus on multiple joint lifts and exercises that will increase strength and mobility.

Day One Workout

Strength Session

Static Stretch

Day Two Workout

Strength Session

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