BMX Rider Grabs Fan and Pulls Off World's First Piggyback Backflip

Check out this video of BMX rider Jed Mildon putting a member of the audience on his back for the world's first BMX piggyback backflip.

BMX rider Jed Mildon is known for completing the world's first BMX triple backflip. Last week, Mildon introduced a new "world's first" trick after getting some help from a member of the audience.

At Nitro Citrus Live, Mildon called on an eager fan and strapped him on his back to try the world's first piggyback backflip.

We don't know where Mildon found this fan, but we hope he had him sign a waiver, because the two went cruising down a 50-foot ramp at high speeds to successfully complete this crazy two-man stunt.

Check out the video to see the first BMX tandem backflip ever.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock