"Justice League" Movie Finally on Its Way?

A Justice League movie is finally on its way. What will it look like?

Justice League
Recently, Warner Bros. let the news leak that they have started preparations for a Justice League movie by hiring Will Beall, writer of the upcoming Gangster Squad, to pen the script.

With the exception of Batman, Warner Bros. has had little recent success turning characters in the DC universe into franchise movies. But a film based on the Justice League has the power to change all that, if done correctly. What could WB  do to successfully bring the Justice League to the big screen?

One option is to go the Marvel route, setting up the movie Avengers-style, with several superhero origin stories that climax when they team up. The Avengers worked because it focused on the interaction between and among the different personalities without having to worry about introducing each character. Clearly, the strategy paid off.

On the other hand, it might not make sense for Warner Bros. to spend years trying to reboot failed franchises. Instead, the studio may want to move away from the lighthearted humor and winking references of the Marvel movies and opt for a grittier Justice League, one that derives tension more from moral dilemmas than from clashing personalities.

Whatever the studio chooses, let's hope they get it right. The Justice League has the potential to become one of the most amazing superhero movies ever made.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock