Kawhi Leonard Left New Orleans Immediately After the All-Star Game So He Could Go Work Out

No days off for the San Antonio Spurs superstar.

If the cliché "he let's his game do the talking" could take on a human form, it would assume the shape of Kawhi Leonard. For as talented and famous as the San Antonio Spurs star has become, he continues to choose his words, and when to say them, carefully, as if he has a specific allotment of them he's allowed to use on a daily basis.

It is painfully obvious that Leonard would much rather be playing basketball or training than speaking with the media, and his dedication to the game led to a particularly humorous anecdote, unearthed by Bleacher Report's Jonathan Abrams over All-Star Weekend.

One can imagine Leonard as a subscriber to the Irish Goodbye, or leaving a social gathering quietly and without saying farewell to anyone. So when Abrams reported that Leonard left New Orleans immediately following the conclusion of the 2017 NBA All-Star Game so he could hop on a plane to San Diego, it's not hard to imagine him jetting out of the West locker room without saying a word, and without anyone even noticing.

Where was Leonard headed? He wanted to get back to the west coast in time for a quick snooze, so that he could wake up at 6 a.m. to work out the next morning. Despite not having a game until later that week, and despite having just spent three days in the Big Easy taking care of media commitments and playing in an All-Star Game, all Leonard wanted to do was leave as quickly as possible so he could resume working out. Figures.


Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock