WATCH: Kevin Durant Calls Kobe Bryant an 'Asshole' in Latest Nike Commercial Celebrating the Black Mamba

In Nike's latest farewell to Kobe Bryant commercial, Kevin Durant holds no punches in describing the Black Mamba.

Kevin Durant

Kobe Bryant has always embraced the hate. Out of all of the best basketball players in the world, from Michael Jordan to Magic Johnson to LeBron James, Bryant was arguably the least liked. That never really bothered Kobe, though. It's part of the coal that fueled him to win five championships. Still, it's always interesting to hear what other athletes think of the Black Mamba, especially in an honest setting.

Continuing their celebration of Kobe Bryant's career, Nike just released a humorous spot in which 34 of their athletes sit down for a confessional on how they really feel about Number 24. Some, like Serena Williams and Russell Wilson, express nothing but love for the career-long Los Angeles Lakers star. But others, like Kevin Durant, don't share that sentiment.

"He pissed me off a lot," Durant says. "He happened to say, 'You guys can't even sit at the lunch table with me. I've got five championships. What do you have?'"

When asked to describe Kobe in one word, Durant didn't hold back.


All of the responses are great, including one from Roger Federer, who apparently once turned Kobe's name into an emoji and thought it was the funniest thing in world. Check out the spot above, and learn how the athlete world really feels about the Black Mamba once and for all.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock