Kobe Doing Work Following Loss To Miami Heat

The Miami Heat burned away its pain and suffering with a decisive 94-88 win over the reigning world champion Los Angeles Lakers last week in South Beach. No tears were shed in the visitors' locker room, however. No cool down, either—at least not for the best closer in the game. Kobe Bryant got right back to what he does best: fine-tuning his game.

Just before midnight, less than two hours after the final buzzer, the five-time NBA champion took the court for "a series of extensive shooting drills, working in shots off the dribble along with catch-and-shoot three-pointers and free throws," reports ESPN.com.

Said Bryant: "There were a couple of my shots, my pet shots, that I didn't feel comfortable with, so I had to get back out and work on them...If you're uncomfortable about something and feel like you can tweak some things, you got to work on them. It doesn't matter when you work on them. You got to get it done."

For the record, Bryant was 8-of-21 from the floor for 24 points, one below his season average of 25 ppg.

Bryant's basketball behavior can be classified as obsessive compulsive, but for the 14-year vet, it's all about winning championships. See Kobe doing work at American Airlines Arena in Miami following the game.

Now that you've seen his shooting routine, learn how the Black Mamba elevates his vertical with this Kobe-Inspired Plyo Program, courtesy of renowned basketball trainer Tim Grover.

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